Today we had a visit from a class from the NMS in Inzing to introduce them to the profession mechanical engineer. It was a great experience giving them an insight into our work and showing them what it means to work in the mechanical engineering industry.

The students were given a guided tour of our company and were able to try out a few practical examples for themselves. They were able to put their manual skills to the test and learned how to use various machines and tools.

Of course, the young people also had many questions about our job and the industry in general. We were happy to answer them and explain to them what skills and knowledge are required for the profession of mechanical engineer.

It was nice to see how interested the students were and how much fun they had with the practical exercises. We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into our profession and that we were able to inspire one or the other to do an apprenticeship with us!

All in all, it was a very successful visit and we look forward to welcoming students, who are interested in the profession of mechanical engineering, to our place in the future. As an important company in the region, but especially due to the lack of skilled workers, we see it as our duty to bring future generations closer to professions in the field of industry and technology. We are therefore very pleased about collaborations of this kind and thank you for the cooperation.