We all know that a strong team is the key to success. At SFS, we are proud to build a team that sticks together and supports each other. Here is a glimpse of how we promote team building at our company:

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to build team spirit is to create shared break times. Instead of individual breaks where each employee is on their own, we have designated times where the entire team comes together. During these breaks, employees can exchange information, talk about projects, ideas or personal interests and thus build a closer bond with each other. This not only promotes the exchange of information, but also mutual understanding. These shared break times have proven to be a valuable opportunity to bring the different teams closer together in everyday life and to improve communication.

In addition, we regularly organize team events to further strengthen cohesion. Examples of this are our annual dinners, for example at Christmas and in the summer before the vacation season, where we celebrate past successes together and get ready for the challenges ahead. Such events provide an opportunity to get to know each other better outside the work environment.

Sports events also play an important role in our teambuilding concept. The company run is a highlight of the year, where we compete as a team and engage in physical activity. This is not only good for fitness, but also for interpersonal relationships. This has also led to the formation of one or two weekly training groups.

We also regularly go on company trips, sometimes lasting several days and taking us abroad. These excursions offer the opportunity to bring the team even closer together and to gain new experiences. Experiencing adventures and challenges together outside the work environment strengthens teamwork, communication and trust. These excursions are not only a reward for our employees, but also an investment in the future of our company.

Company holidays 24.12.21 - 02.01.22

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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