Safety valves (overpressure valves) are among the safety fittings and have the task of protecting pressure equipment or pressure lines from impermissible pressure increases and thus limiting the pressure. The pressure limitation function is normally carried out by a sealing element that is pressed onto the seat with a spring and seals. If the pressure increases too much, the sealing element is pressed against the spring from the seat and the medium can escape.

Example: The customer from the medical technology wanted a solution for a safety valve in the oxygen sector with an exactly set response pressure of 150mbar.

The application in medical technology, especially with oxygen, requires special adjustments to materials, purity and quality.

Stainless steel was used as the body material and FKM as the sealing material, as these have good resistance to oxygen. In addition, this safety valve is specially cleaned due to the use of oxygen and must not be wetted with oil or grease during the entire manufacturing process.

When fats come into contact with highly concentrated oxygen, they can self-ignite and even burn explosively, even in a cold environment.

The connection and the geometry of the safety valve were precisely adapted to the customer’s wishes. The required response pressure of 150mbar is precisely set and fixed in the test.

With this solution, the customer can directly use a perfectly matched component without further tests.

We take care of the production, assembly, quality control and the exact adjustment (including fixation) according to customer specifications.

Safety valve