The pressure safety valve serves to maintain the position of a double-acting actuator (cylinder) in case of network pressure failure.

The valve consists of 2 check valves that are released pneumatically. The valve is installed between the control valve (port A1, A2) and the actuator (port B1, B2), see connection diagram.

In case of pressure failure, both connections of the actuator (cylinder) close.

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Now also available with manual venting!


Application example “pneumatic portal loading in CNC machines”

The pressure safety valve from SFS prevents the pneumatic gripper arm from moving independently and uncontrolled into the CNC machine and causing serious damage in case of pressure failure.

As soon as the pressure supply fails, the pressure safety valve holds the pneumatic gripper arm in position for hours and only releases it once the pressure supply is available again.

A simple component with a huge effect!

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