At least as important as a high-quality Namur valve are the matching Namur throttle plates, which make precise and sensitive control of the actuator possible in the first place.

While the Namur valve can only switch two positions (fully open or closed), it is the Namur throttle plates that enable very precise control of the connected actuators.

For example, a slow extension and fast retraction of a pneumatic cylinder can be easily adjusted and matched to the customer’s requirements by means of the high-quality throttles in the Namur adapter plate.

Also for rotary actuators, which are very often equipped with Namur valves, the Namur throttle plates offer the best option for controlling the opening and closing speed independently of each other. Even on actuators with spring return (3/2 way), the throttle plate can be used to sensitively adjust the return speed.

Namur valves from SFS-Fluidsysteme GmbH

“Highest quality for long service life – Made in Austria”

Our Namur valve portfolio includes 3/2, 5/2 as well as 5/3 way valves, pneumatically or electrically operated.

The valves can be selected between classic spring return and pneumatic spring (for extremely long service life).

All valve types are also available as impulse valves, and the 5/3 way valve has the options “middle position closed NC”, “middle position open NO” or “middle position ventilated”.

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