Katharina, you are the central contact person for all employees. Please tell us about your many and varied tasks.

My responsibilities range from the “usual” secretarial tasks, processing orders, looking after customers, scheduling daily deliveries, invoicing, time recording, meal accounting and various supporting activities for trade fairs, events and functions. I work closely with all departments of both companies (SFS and SVS), which makes the work very interesting and varied and which always gives me a good overall view. In order to be able to fulfill all these tasks, further training is very much encouraged by SFS.

You have already successfully completed some further training. Why did you start the instructor training at WIFI in 2021?

I am very inquisitive. That already started during my high school graduation. After that, I decided to do two apprenticeships (first technical, then commercial).
In 2014, the job ad for a secretary at SFS caught my eye. I applied, hoping that I could combine my technical knowledge with my commercial knowledge well here. I was given a warm welcome right from the start and assigned important and interesting tasks. I was able to expand my knowledge through continuous training. This year I started with the trainer training, because I would like to pass on my knowledge to apprentices and it will be a pleasure for me to see how the apprentice grows with his/her tasks and ultimately integrates into the company as a fully-fledged colleague.

“I work closely with all departments of both companies (SFS and SVS), which makes my job very interesting and varied.”

The new company wiki has recently been made available on the intranet. What do you think of this tool?

With the death of the company founder Otto Staudacher, some knowledge has been lost in 2018. We try to collect all of our knowledge from the different areas in one place using “Confluence”. This makes it easier for me to train new employees and also helps me myself when I have to stand in for someone. In addition, “Confluence” is a very important tool for communication within the company.
Important messages such as passed final apprenticeship exams are posted in “Confluence” by means of a blog entry. This way, every employee gets a notification and is always up to date.