As a customized solution we also offer the possibility to combine valves with different sizes and flow rates with many other components in one block. In addition to electromagnetic valves, pneumatically controlled valves, throttle valves, check valves, logic links, safety valves, various connections, sensor outputs and much more are applicable. We are also flexible when it comes to the material of the valve body and use a wide variety of plastics, aluminum, brass and various types of stainless steel. 

In the example shown above, 9 solenoid valves were mounted on an anodized aluminum valve body and connected to each other via corresponding holes and channels. In addition, 2 throttle check valves were integrated and a total of 7 push-in fittings were mounted.

We manufacture these valve blocks on our high-tech CNC machines, then equip them with all components and carry out a 100% inspection at the end, which checks both the tightness and functionality of all components. In addition, these valve blocks are adjusted to specific pressure or flow values specified by our customer. We then complete the finished valve block with the desired plastic, brass or stainless steel fittings to suit the customer’s specific requirements and deliver the complete and tested system to the customer. The customer can immediately install the product in his systems without further testing.

As always, we try to bring the technical requirements, space requirements and prices into an optimal relationship and to accompany the customer from the ideation phase to the finished product. Together we work out the requirements, evaluate different design options and materials and try to get the best for you.

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