We have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system for over 20 years. This certification guarantees that all our processes, from the customer order to product testing, are precisely defined and that the reproducible quality of our products is guaranteed.

As a custom solution specialist, we often ask ourselves the question of the appropriate test procedure and the suitable test equipment. Our aim is always to find an optimum test fixture with which the specified product tests can be carried out quickly and reliably.

We work together with our customers to define the right type of function and leak test and the associated test parameters for each custom solution. We attach great importance to the customer deciding for themselves whether their custom solution should be subjected to a 100% initial test or whether random tests are sufficient.

In addition to the general functional test, there are many different options available for leak testing. The use of the products, the relevant regulations and the number of units produced influence how complex or simple a leak test is. With our custom solutions, we attach great importance to optimally tailoring the leak test to the customer’s requirements.

Partially or fully automated testing and evaluation of leak tightness is becoming increasingly important, especially with higher quantities of the product. Together with the customer, we define and agree the appropriate test procedures and the recording of the test results to ensure that the leak test is carried out efficiently and reliably.

In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to train our employees directly at the customer’s premises for special quality requirements. As a result, our employees are qualified and authorized to test the respective product and ensure that all quality standards are met.

Our customer-specific quality assurance is an important part of our corporate philosophy. We do everything we can to meet the individual requirements and wishes of our customers and supply them with products of the highest quality.