Cost and energy efficiency through the use of special solutions from SFS-Fluidsysteme

At SFS-Fluidsysteme GmbH, we pay very close attention to using resources such as compressed air, electrical energy and the consumption of materials as carefully and responsibly as possible. Among other things, we achieve this through optimized installation spaces, precisely adapted cylinder lengths, and short and loss-free paths between the control valve and the cylinder. In […]

Benefits of a customized solution by SFS

Sonderzylinder Hohlkolbenstange schnitt

Customized pneumatic solutions by SFS optimize product costs and minimize space requirements at the same time. We also adapt the technical features exactly to your needs. We analyze your product requirements together and develop the perfect solution with you. The repertoire begins with the refinement of existing standard products and goes to the complex development […]

First aid course

On 21.10.2021 our first aiders successfully participated in an 8-hour first aid refresher course in Kematen (Tirol, Austria). Enclosed are a few impressions of the training day:

Career Festival 2021


Professions at your fingertips at the Carrer-Festival Innsbruck From 19.10. – 21.10.2021 we were participants at the Career Festival of the WKO Tirol.Within the framework of this festival, we were able to welcome about 600 students at our stand. The visitors could exchange there with our apprentices and establish contacts for trial places with our […]

Katharina Hagner: 3 questions – 3 answers


Katharina, you are the central contact person for all employees. Please tell us about your many and varied tasks. My responsibilities range from the “usual” secretarial tasks, processing orders, looking after customers, scheduling daily deliveries, invoicing, time recording, meal accounting and various supporting activities for trade fairs, events and functions. I work closely with all […]

Mario Greil: 3 questions – 3 answers


Mario, SFS accompanied you from a skilled worker to a specialist in fluid power systems. How did this personal development come about, and how did SFS make this career possible? After completing my technical schooling, I applied to SFS with the intention of programming CNC machines. At the end of 2009, I started, initially only […]

Daniela Praxmarer: 3 questions – 3 answers


Daniela, as a trained tourism specialist, you are a career changer in the SFS management team. How did you become interested in a technical company? The vacant position as an office administrator was advertised in the district newspaper at the time, and after a short online search about the company, my interest was piqued. I […]

Memorial and power place

Denkmal Kopie

This was followed by the traditional “summer dinner”. At a convivial barbecue, we were able to get in the mood for the beginning of the company vacation.