In the beginning there was the unconditional passion of our founder Ing. Otto Staudacher for technology. After two decades as an successful dealer of technical components, he fulfilled his heart’s desire in 1992: by founding SFS-Fluidsysteme GmbH, he developed pneumatic solutions himself for the first time.

A lot has happened since then. The three-man business from back then has now developed into an internationally successful family business with more than 50 employees, over 4000m² of operating space and more than 80% exports. Only one thing has remained the same since then: the passion with which we develop reliable solutions for the problems and wishes of our customers.

July 1st 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding. We look back on these years with pride, even if things didn’t always go smoothly, perhaps for that reason even more. Because defying the odds, we are still growing, SFS Fluidsysteme GmbH as a company and we with it as people. In the course of this, we would like to thank all our employees and partners for the good cooperation over the years, without you what we do would not be possible. May many more successful years follow!

„A family business is like a child that you see growing up and that you accompany and support.“

– Otto Staudacher, Company founder and long-time managing director

“When I talk about my work in private, I also like to talk about growth.

I started in Dirschenbach myself and I’m proud today that I have been there back then already.”

– Roland Mohrherr, Manufacturing management

“Back then nobody thought that we would grow so quickly and today I’m very proud that I have been there to see this. I wasn’t ready to work for a big company like this back then, but I’ve been able to grow with the company and I am today.”

– Rainer Jäger, Assembly management